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$40 Nintendo 2DS and Other Deals (4/1)

Not an April Fool’s post, I swear! Randomly stopped by a Toys R Us while I was out and found a 2DS for less than half of retail? Any time you can get a console for the same price as a game, its probably a good deal!

I assume they are clearing shelf space for… something? Still a massive discount. This deal was only for the launch console, not the ones with a pack-in game, so there likely aren’t many left still floating around. Still, probably worth swinging by your local store. Thing still retails for at least $100, and supposedly you can run homebrew on these old firmware models.

To top this post off, here’s a quick Amazon deal!

(Regular disclaimer: I get a small kickback if you use my links to buy a game, so if you don’t like me, feel free to just plug the game’s name into the Amazon search bar).

Tales of Zestiria Collector’s Edition (PS4) | $69.99 at time of posting.

I love the Tales series, so much so that I’m the idiot paying full price for these collector’s editions that ALWAYS savagely drop in price a few months later (Tales of Symphonia Chronicles being the one exception).

I love all the stupid trinkets in this box, especially the steelbook and little figures. I think it’s a great game and definitely worth the money.

 Verdict: Buy

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