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I Didn’t Choose the Thrift Life, the Thrift Life Chose Me

My favorite way to spend a weekend morning has always been the same: driving around to random thrift stores and flea markets in search of weird stuff. I’ll try not to get too wistful about it, but I’ve always found there to be something beautiful in these places. Old yellowing shelving units piled high with the belongings of strangers, a collection of discarded treasures and past lives for sale. No glossy poster stock advertisements hawking the latest diet drink or fashion accessory.

Just stuff.

Anyhow, my least favorite part of the game collection community is the constant posting of how awesome one’s latest deal was. The attention seeking is a bit too obvious. I’m sharing these pictures without much commentary, not because I hope to make you (my fellow collector) jealous, but to encourage you to go out and enjoy a good thrift store run!

Or don’t. More stuff for me I guess.

Salvation Army (Concord, CA)
Mario Kart Wii w) Wheel Bundle (Sealed Game) – $1520160316_143736

Goodwill (Concord, CA)
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City / Super Bust-a-Move – $3 Each

Rasputin Music & DVDs (Concord, CA)
Various Games – $36 Total20160321_163507

Goodwill (Vallejo, CA)
The Simpsons: Hit & Run / Soul Calibur II – $3 Each
(Only after leaving did I realize the Simpsons case contained a PS2 Greatest Hits version of the game. Doh!)

Flea Market (Napa, CA)
Tomytronic 3-D Racing Game – $10
(It works and it rules.)

Eco Thrift (Vallejo, CA)
Lazer Tag “Sport Pack” – $10

Various PS2 Games – $2 Each

(7) Magic: The Gathering “Ice Age” Starter Decks (Sealed) – $10 Each

Thrift Center (Fairfield, CA)
Shenmue II – $5
Goodwill (Fairfield, CA)
Mario Party 8 – $25

Collins Music & Thrift Shop (Suisun City, CA)
Street Smart – $15
Crazy Taxi 2 – $10

And remember…



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