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Game Deals for 2/23/2017

Haven’t done a deals roundup in a long while. Here are a few recent things you might think are worth getting in on:

NIS America

NIS currently has a metric butt-ton of different collector’s editions available for pre-order. I wish I could give you a good prediction of which of these editions will actually be in demand and which will flop and be part of NIS’s half-off holiday sale, but I can’t!

My gut says to get Ys VIII and Culdcept, as the series both already have built-in fanbases. Touhou Kobuto V seems like a good one to snag as well, and I’m kind of interested in learning more about RPG Maker FES.

Thinking on it more though, I worry we’re reaching a bubble with this collector’s edition stuff. Who has room on the shelf for 12-15 more stupidly-sized boxes containing weird Japanese visual novels / dungeon crawlers most of us don’t have the time for? I say: buy what you like, but I wouldn’t expect any of these to become true rarities. The demand just doesn’t seem to be there.


Reprint house VideoGamesPlus has either done your collection a service or a disservice this week, by reprinting the first four Yakuza games. Of these, Yakuza 2 was the true rarity, previously going for around $100. Now it can be had for $40+shipping, with no one reporting any differences with the reprint.

That being said, I got a copy of 2 and have not yet opened it… but the plastic case felt a bit thin? Maybe my imagination. If you’re a PS2 / PS3 collector, may be worth getting in now. Previous VGP reprints have not lasted as long as one would think (see: Persona 2).


Lastly, a totally random selection of Amazon deals I personally have my eye on. (As a note, I get a small kickback if you use the below links. If you don’t like me, just search for the games on Amazon).

I must admit, I panicked when I saw Wild Guns Reloaded sold out on Amazon, worrying it might be the Gravity Rush Remastered. I paid a few extra bucks to snag a copy on eBay, but it’s back at normal price (with keychain!) on Amazon.

That being said… some of these small release PS4 games are going to eventually prove rare. Natsume’s games have small print runs, but also seem to not be in high-demand. We’ll see where this one ends up.

This game isn’t rare but… it’s $11.50 for a brand new copy of one of the best Wii games (and by PlatinumGames, one of my favorite developers). I kind of want one just to stick on a shelf and look at lovingly.
Another Natsume release which I think came out the same day as Wild Guns. This one is worth keeping an eye on.
I’ve heard this game is complete garbage. At $9 though… it’s almost tempting. Maybe it’ll go down to $5!
Whoa! Shiren the Wanderer for $20? Uh… I think I might actually need to get me one of those. A great roguelike series, and a worthy addition to any Vita collection (for those of you super-completionists, there is a collector’s edition for $50).
It’s been like a year and I’m still waiting for this game to hit $10. C’mon!

Switch comes out next week! Let’s see if any of those launch titles end up being hard to find (aside from the obvious Master’s Edition nonsense).

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