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Invest in Success | Wii U: Platform of Champions!

If you’ve some¬†of my recent posts, you know Devil’s Third for the Wii U is on my HOT BUYS list, for more than a few reasons. Perhaps most importantly though, is that it’s a Wii U game, the least beloved console of this generation, and one which is already seeing moderate hits soar beyond their original price tags.

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Consider my own situation a valuable case study in why Wii U prices are going to soar over time. I’m a longtime gamer and collector, but my only modern console is a PS4. Sure, I want to add a Wii U to the collection at some point, but the plan was always to wait until an absolute “must own” game like Zelda hits (even that might not be enough to push me over the edge), or some fantastic sale on the console makes it worth my while.

So, imagine for a minute I’m not the only guy with this “eh, I’ll get one later” mindset. There’s plenty of gamers who are waiting for the right price before they swoop in and start snatching up copies of Bayonetta 2 and Pikmin 3 to round out their libraries.

Thing is… by the time they get in, they may find there aren’t any decently priced copies left!

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I won’t go too deeply into this, other than to recommend continually checking the Wii U shelf at your local game store, even if you’ve yet to grab the console. GameStop still lists Bayonetta 2 for $30, which is much better than the $70 you’d be paying on eBay. Some quick notes:

  1. Buy Devil’s Third already!
  2. Other than Devil’s Third, Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3 and Wii Sports Club are the holy trinity right now. Get copies while you can.
  3. Any Nintendo published game is likely worth the investment. Game & Wario seems to be on the rise. Xenoblade will likely hold it’s value as well.
  4. Wii U collector’s editions are probably a great bet, though are already trending rather high. The Zelda: Wind Waker LE and Smash Bros. Brawl controller bundle are on my personal list. Don’t forget to pre-order Twilight Princess HD LE as well!
  5. Maybe try and get one of those Zelda-branded consoles while you can?

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