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More Amazon Deals (12/18)

Oh hey, a couple additional Amazon deals caught my attention today, here’s my recommendations! (If you missed yesterday’s deals, check them out here. Some of the games have already dropped in price!).

(Regular disclaimer: I get a small kickback if you use my links to buy a game, so if you don’t like me, feel free to just plug the game’s name into the Amazon search bar).

Aquapazza (PS3) | $10.11 at time of posting.
Verdict: Buy

Stupid 2D anime fighter thing for ten bucks? Why the heck not!
Lost Dimensions (Vita) | $25.19 at time of posting.
Verdict: Hold
This game didn’t see fantastic reviews and seems like another one of Atlus’s overprinted titles this year. Again, I’d wait for $15. PS3 version is at $22.50, same advice.
Etrian Mystery Dungeon (3DS) | $17.98 at time of posting.
Verdict: Hold
The Etrian series was once big for collectors, but sadly the series is now suffering from a glut of releases. Gamers don’t seem to like an RPG series which asks them to invest in a new 40-hour quest every year. The other games have all dropped in price, and as this is a spin-off, I expect it to go even lower.
Dengeki Bunko (Vita) | $22.44 at time of posting.
Verdict: Your Call
I’m considering jumping on this one because the publisher is Sega, whose print numbers always seem hard to judge (unlike XSeed and Atlus, who typically press more copies than they can sell). This is down from an MSRP of $30, (PS3 version is down about $10 as well).Whoa, price dropped to $21.60 as I was writing this. Gonna maybe check in on this baby tomorrow…
Persona Q Premium Edition (3DS) | $38.99 at time of posting.
Verdict: Buy
Man, I just consider this a buy because it comes with some real good stuff. Game was well received critically, so it should hold value. I was dumb enough to buy at launch, buy hey, that hard case is hella sweet. If this drops to like $30 I may buy another one just so I can keep a case in nice condition and use the other.

Oh yeah, and the big news of the day is Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Bundle (Wii U) for $36.11. Lots of Amiibo collectors who pre-ordered this guy before the crash are probably mighty upset about this discount! Honestly though, I’m recommending Hold. This game is still being sold at every big box retailer, is for a system nobody owns, and the game is a giant pile of crap. The only real value here is that exclusive Digsby Amiibo, but with the Amiibo craze being over, no one really cares. Not to mention that it looks like all the small retailers are desperate to unload their copies under cost as well:

GOD`I wAndysnap2_085

Then again, if you’re really into Amiibos, it’s a pretty good price point (consider that Amiibos are technically worth $15 or so, so you’re getting a garbage Wii U game for just $5!). I’m personally gonna hold off.

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